On each plantation of MK Jokai Agri Plantations Private Limited Company a separate production was built, specializing in the processing of the variety and type of tea that grows on this land. Due to the introduction of modern technologies and the successful modernization of traditional tea production systems, the volume of harvested crops on plantations annually increases by an average of 7-8 %. MK Jokai is the exclusive supplier of leaf and granulated tea for AO Classic, carrying out only direct deliveries of the highest quality raw materials immediately after its processing and sorting.


The Head office, production and the main logistic terminal of AO Classic is located in St. Petersburg. Here tea is delivered directly from India, packaged and distributed to the warehouse. AO Classic is:

  • Technological modernization and automation of tea production,
  • Own production base, equipped with the most modern imported equipment,
  • Continuous quality control at all stages of tea production,
  • Stable supplies of a wide range of tea products to all corners of Russia.


All products of AO Classic undergo double quality control – from picking in India to final tea packaging in Russia. The production process is controlled by highly qualified specialists from India, experts in the tea industry, and meets the strict international standards SGS HACCP and ISO 22000.


Our tea experts – tea tasters are considered to be the best tasting tea in Russia and Belarus on the results of the Master Cup Tea Cup 2016, honorary judges of Tea Master Cup 2019.


The specialists of the quality control Department check each supply of tea and make sure that it meets the necessary requirements, as well as daily update and improve the blends of teas.


Each batch of packaging for products is carefully monitored for durability, reliability and compliance with the standards.

“Welcome, friends! After all, if you choose tea of our company, it means that you appreciate our taste for good tea and understand our tasting creativity. And mutual understanding that's what friendship is.. For more than 20 years on the Russian market, we solve the most difficult task: to make tea "affordable" for compatriots with any income, while maintaining the quality and tradition. Prices in the world tea market are steadily increasing, rate of a currency is unstable, but we try to find the most suitable options from the best suppliers and compose them in a balanced blend. Therefore, we are proud that each brand of our tea in price range is always a little better than the competition. The competence of our employees has been repeatedly confirmed at the national and international tea Championships and is constantly increasing to ensure that your table has always been a quality tea at an affordable price.